Ghost: A Vestibular Schwannoma

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  • Ghostbusters!

    January 12, 2020 by

    Short post, as I’m using phone and a bit tired. I wanted to capture some memories before they fade, as they tend to do in these scenarios. I had pre-op meeting with general physician Wednesday who was so impressed with my general health that he said, “I feel bad…i feel like I should order SOME… Read more

  • ♪ Listen to Your Heart ♪

    December 27, 2019 by

    Roxette urged us to listen to our hearts, but let’s not ignore the rest of the body. It’s really frustrating when you feel an inexplicable ache, have a long-term sniffle, or just feel “off” but your physician tells you it is just part of getting old, or it is a mere cold and you have… Read more

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